HHS Mandate – Free Birth Control?

This is a series of short talking points that we have provided to our volunteers as information they can use in speaking out in various ways against the ObamaCare mandate on contraception. Feel free to use, build on, or share.

Isn’t providing free birth control to women something that is good?

First of all, the birth control is not free. While the woman will not have to pay a co-pay, persons and organizations that today do not provide reimbursement for contraceptives due to religious objections will now be forced to pay for these services.

Second, while the Administration says it will be paid for by insurance companies, they will just increase premiums to pay the co-pay or the deductible that is not permitted by this mandate. Note that the mandate does not compel the manufacturers of these drugs and devices and the surgeons who perform sterilizations to provide these for free.