HHS Mandate – Preventative Healthcare?

This is a series of short talking points that we have provided to our volunteers as information they can use in speaking out in various ways against the ObamaCare mandate on contraception. Feel free to use, build on, or share.

Contraception and sterilization are good, preventative healthcare.

Just the opposite is true: contraception and sterilization damage or destroy a healthy reproductive system and thus treat the body as a thing or a machine that can be manipulated. Rather than acting as preventatives to disease, contraception and sterilization actually prevent the body from remaining healthy.  Preventive medicine has traditionally meant those things that prevent a healthy body system from becoming damaged or improperly functioning.  By calling contraception and sterilization “preventive services” we have turned fertility and pregnancy into diseases to be eliminated or prevented, rather than celebrated and used responsibly as the remarkable gifts they truly are.