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Archive for September 2019

Halloween traditions that honor God

There’s no reason to surrender a day of spiritual preparation to coincidental timing of peripheral pagan celebrations. Christ came to redeem! Even if secular Halloween has devolved towards the demonic, we Christians can and should purify our own traditions and use them as tools to evangelize and grow in holiness.

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Self-help for PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) affects roughly 5 million people worldwide, making it one of the most common causes of infertility in women. September is dedicated to PCOS awareness, but we’re willing to bet there’s some stuff even you armchair experts didn’t know about its detection and treatment. Check out this helpful infographic, compiled from the newest edition of Marilyn Shannon’s Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition, available digitally and in print next month!

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12 parenting tips from Fr. Floeder

Above all, nemo dat quod non habet — you cannot give what you do not have. For you to form your family in love, you must be striving to know love in Christ and live love in your marriage and family. Stay rooted in prayer, the sacraments and concrete daily acts of love for your spouse and you will be able to form your children well.

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‘Man up and love your wife!’

Our marriage is infinitely stronger, better, more exciting and more enjoyable because we stopped contracepting. Our sex is better. Remember when you got married, when everyone went away and you and your spouse were able to unite for the first time? Remember how amazing that was? When we’re in a situation where we need to abstain, we tend to be more flirtatious. We get to experience that honeymoon feeling again.

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CCL Board member receives papal award

While the papal award was originally bestowed upon members of the Swiss Guard and Papal Army, it has since been expanded to honor deserving world civilians. The name “Bene Merenti” literally means “well deserving.”

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Twitter user delivers outstanding defense of NFP

Social media’s not exactly designed for important conversations. Between the anonymous accounts and the trolls, it can be hard to tell what is real and important — after all, much of our approval-addicted society values likes over content. If regular social media is bad, Twitter is even worse. It’s the drug of choice for people…

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