Become a Teaching Couple or Fertility Science Institute Instructor

Do you want to do something satisfying and make an impact in your community? Has NFP been a blessing to your marriage? Do you share our conviction that more couples need to know about NFP? Become a teaching couple with CCL! or, New this year: become a Fertility Science Institute Instructor!

The only qualification needed is your desire to bring the good news of NFP to those around you. You don’t need medical skills; you don’t need to know what to say; you can even have a love/hate relationship with NFP. The training you receive will prepare you! Sign up now to become an NFP advocate with CCL and join a team of committed, inspiring people who share your passion of building up your faith, Church and community.

NEW! In 2024 we'll have a hybrid training.  Meet twice a month in a live online meeting for method training with some homework modules for the off weeks. Pick one of three training sessions to complete the training in 4 months. There is a teacher training orientation to complete before being able to attend the live sessions, so apply today!

Session 1:

  • February 12, 26
  • March 11, 25
  • April 8, 22

Session 2:

  • May 6, 20
  • June 10, 24
  • July 8, 22

Session 3:

  • September 9, 23
  • October 14, 28
  • November 11, 25
Eligibility to become a CCL Teaching Couple

To become a teaching couple for CCL you simply need to have:

  • Previously taken CCL’s Main NFP series
  • Current Patron of CCL
  • Charting using CCL's STM for at least six months
  • Internet access and an email account
  • Agree to teach as a married couple
  • Agree to teach online and work with self-paced students
  • Option to also teach live on-site
  • Agree with the Principles of CCL


  • Make a difference in couple's lives by teaching scientifically based, highly effective STM.
  • Cost of training ($2000 value) covered by CCL
  • Continuing education/recertification ($250 value) free of charge for active volunteers
  • Professionally designed courses materials provided
  • Support network of certified teachers and CCL staff
  • Online tool access provided
  • No marketing, shopping cart, shipping required!  Just schedule class and show up to teach
  • Automatic certification as FSI instructor who can teach and earn on Fertility Science Institute platform
  • Be part of a great community and tradition of sharing the gift of Humanae Vitae
Eligibility to be a Fertility Science Institute Instructor

To become an FSI Instructor you simply need to have:

  • Take or have taken CCL’s Main NFP series
  • Charting using CCL's STM for at least six months
  • Internet access and an email account
  • Agree to teach using the materials provided by FSI
  • Agree to teach on FSI platform
  • Agree to be listed in FSI Directory
  • Agree with the Principles of Fertility Science Institute


  • Earn money doing what you love--helping couples and women to become the authority over their fertility
  • Professionally designed course and materials setup and ready for you to teach on FSI platform
  • Marketing and bookkeeping are done for you!
  • Premium PeakDay App extended trial as part of your class
  • Make a difference in couples and women's lives by providing sound, scientifically based FABM training
  • Be part, and have your students be part, of FSI's support network
  • Cost of training ($2000 value) only $500 during introductory pricing phase
  • Continuing education/recertification ($250 value) only $100 during introductory pricing

Instructor Training Program

  • The instructor training program is online and consists of online "self-paced" modules and live webinars. Tests are “open book, open-note” and can be retaken until a passing score is achieved.
  • CCL does not charge a fee to candidate teaching couples to go through the training program. However, CCL invests over $2,000 worth of time and resources for each couple who goes through the program. For this reason, we ask each Teaching Couple applicant to be a current CCL patron member. We also ask for donations to cover training expenses.
  • CCL is offering a special introductory pricing of $500 for the Fertility Science Institute Instructor Certification which is lower due to our generous donors support of our mission.  We will reassess our introductory pricing as our program progresses and will work to keep it as reasonable as possible!
  • The teacher training program may be completed at your own pace within set time frames.
  • Candidate teachers often make it through the training within six months, though it is possible to complete it sooner.
  • After successful completion of training classes, candidate teaching couples/FSI instructors are assigned a mentor couple/instructor who guide and provide support during their practicum.


What topics does the training cover?
The training modules cover a wide range of information, including CCL’s STM method, breastfeeding, transition times, class management and presentation, history and theological background.

What is expected of teachers after training is completed?
CCL teaching couples are asked to teach at least two course series per year, with at least one being online. Because many of our students opt to take the Self-paced Online Class, we ask teaching couples to mentor these students as well.

Both CCL Teaching Couples and FSI Instructors will be asked to complete continuing education each year.

Building key relationships, advertising and promoting classes play a critical role in the success of a teaching couple’s ministry. It is often the case that teaching couples need to also promote their own classes and build up a support network to help them spread the good news of NFP.

My spouse is not interested in teaching. Can I still get certified?
Because the witness of a teaching couple is such a vital part of CCL’s approach, we want both spouses to participate. If only one spouse is interested in volunteering, we encourage you to look into promoting. Our Natural Plan program is an excellent NFP overview and introduction to NFP. A single person or spouse can apply to be certified to teach through the Fertility Science Institute.

How does technology play a role in training?
All of our coursework is done with online software that is easy to navigate. Teachers will need to become familiar with the PeakDay charting app as many students use this app to communicate with their teachers. CCL provides a free PeakDay account to certified teaching couples and certified FSI instructors.


You Can Make A Difference And Benefit!

CCL is looking for couples who can witness to the beauty and wisdom of practicing NFP and marital chastity. You will find that this special mission is very rewarding for you!

Many of our teaching couples tell us that teaching NFP together is a blessing for their marriage. The experience of volunteering together allows them to make a positive impact in the lives of other married, or soon-to-be married couples, all the while strengthening their own commitment to one another.


In Their Own Words

"We knew that this gift that we had been given could not be just for us to learn, but that we needed to share it with others. So through a lot of prayer, and God’s grace we took on studying to be a Teaching Couple. Today we share with people in our church community, neighboring parishes, and for that matter, our whole diocese, the wonderful gift of fertility awareness in a way that’s 100% natural." — Alex & Maryanne

"We knew that we wanted to teach NFP, because we found that there is a lack of knowledge about NFP, especially in the Hispanic community. We wanted to share want we learned with others. It’s like a treasure for us; we just wanted to share the wealth with others." — Gonzalo & Cecilia

"We saw how much NFP changed our marriage for the better so we decided that we wanted to share it with as many people as we possibly can. So many people are getting divorced, so many people are unhappy in their marriages, and so many people are hurting. We were there; we were hurting and unhappy. God had the grace to save us from the pain and we know that He is calling us to share our story with others." — Greg & Tania

"We enjoy teaching natural family planning to engaged couples who are in love and embarking on their new journey together. We would not still be teaching this class if we did not truly believe it holds the key to a successful marriage." — Clint & Jillane

"Teaching NFP also allowed us to be active in a Church ministry that we could do together as a couple bringing further unity to our marriage." — Dave & Mona

"By teaching others, we are continually reminded to put God in every decision. We are reminded to be open and generous and to love each other by putting each other first." — Tom & Cheri

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