Main Introduction Class


Live Onsite

Take a class the traditional way—meet in person, with the teaching couple and other student couples.


Live Online

Meet your teaching couple and fellow students online, in a virtual classroom. Some gadgets required.


Self-Paced Class

Learn at your own pace, and on your own schedule. With your spouse or fiancé, of course!

CCL Postpartum Class

How does practicing NFP change during the postpartum time? What effect does baby feeding have on the return of fertility? Learn this and more in our CCL Postpartum class.

One Price. Three Ways to Learn. We have three options for our Postpartum class in different learning formats:

  • Live Onsite: Meets in person with a teaching couple and other students one time, for approximately two hours.
  • Live Online: Meets online with a teaching couple and other students in a virtual classroom for approximately two hours.
  • Self-Paced Online: Learn at your own pace with interactive learning videos.

Cost is $85.

Is this class for you?  This class can be taken before or after childbirth. It is a supplemental class to the CCL Main NFP Class series, so knowledge of the CCL sympto-thermal method is a prerequisite. If you are taking the Live Onsite Postpartum class, please inform your teaching couple that you need to take the CCL Main NFP Class series as well.  The Class manual (The Art of Natural Family Planning Transitions Guide) can be added during registration process.


Perimenopause NFP Classes

As your fertile years wind down your fertility signs change and can be confusing. The Perimenopause class is designed to help you confidently navigate this transition. This class builds on the information taught in the Main NFP series. The class meets one time, for approximately two hours, and is available Live Onsite, Live Online or On Demand through FSI Coaching.

Class fee: varies
Class manual: The Art of Natural Family Planning Transitions Guide

If you did not learn CCL STM, be sure to inform your teaching couple/coach of your need for the Method Class. The Method Class is not a substitute for those who are being prepared for marriage and/or have no experience in any NFP method.


Looking for International Classes?

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