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Archive for July 2019

20 of our best NFP memes (so far)

We’ve been contributing the world of NFP memes for nearly a year now. In honor of #NFPweek, here are some of our biggest hits: 1) This one about frankenmethods. 2) Ugggh, #amiright? 3) Sean Bean gets it. 4) This ridiculous argument. 5) They’re definitely…unique interactions. 6) #FertilityAwarenessProblems 7) We know there’s a learning curve. 8)…

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12 ways to celebrate NFP week

It’s almost upon us! Have you marked your calendars? Here are some ways to celebrate NFP and bring ethical family planning into the mainstream: 1) Volunteer at a pro-life pregnancy center. 2) Offer to babysit for a couple so they can have a much-needed date night. 3) Bring a hot meal to a new mom…

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