HHS Mandate – Religious Liberty

This begins a series of short talking points that we have provided to our volunteers as information they can use in speaking out in various ways against the ObamaCare mandate on contraception. Feel free to use, build on, or share.

Why is this a religious liberty question?

This mandate forces Catholics and others morally opposed to contraception, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs to provide and pay for these services through their health insurance plans. Because those opposed cannot “opt out” they are forced to violate their consciences, and this is a violation of religious liberty.

Anthony Picarello, Associate General Secretary and the General Counsel of the USCCB, in a press release conference on February 16, put it clearly: “We are now entering a new stage. It has gone from that which is allowed by government, to that which is supported by the government, to that which is mandated by the government. This latter step is what makes it a religious liberty issue.”