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Archive for December 2015

Soon-to-be Saint Mother Teresa, teacher and promoter of NFP

Couples who practice natural family planning may soon have a patron saint. On Thursday, the day of his 79th birthday, Pope Francis signed a decree approving a miracle attributed to the intercession of Blessed Mother Teresa. The date for her canonization is speculated to be September 4 of next year. Mother Teresa was a staunch…

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“Verily” refreshing magazine for young women

Our society certainly seems intent on pressing on women the seemingly impossible task of “looking good all the time.” With the glamorization of things like the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and a cultural fascination with celebrities that somehow look like porcelain dolls, it can be difficult being a young woman constantly surrounded by this body scrutiny. Magazines…

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CCL and the Year of Mercy: Let it begin with me

We begin by remembering how the Catechism of the Catholic Church defines mercy: “The loving kindness, compassion, or forbearance shown to one who offends (i.e., the mercy of God to us sinners).” In the spirit of that definition, as we pray monthly for mercy in various areas we, then, are not asking for prayers or…

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CCL and the Year of Mercy

Rejoice! The Year of Mercy is upon us! We have a tremendous opportunity over the next twelve months to experience God’s mercy for ourselves and the whole world. Couple to Couple League wants to take full advantage of the graces offered throughout the year and so have decided to offer prayers each month for a…

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Self-paced online course update

As you may have heard, CCL launched a new Self-paced Online Class in September, and we are starting to hear from couples who have completed it: Loved taking class from home Teachers encouraging and easy to understand Website easy to navigate and videos worked perfectly LOVED the couple LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the course This new class…

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