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Try these online shops for adorable nursing clothes

A recent cultural movement to embrace public breastfeeding — with or without a cover — has been gaining momentum. While we welcome a more accepting attitude toward public breastfeeding, we certainly don’t want anyone baring their chests in front of strangers. Nursing moms, keep your shirts on. We scoured the internet for nursing clothes that…

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Psychological benefits of breastfeeding

An excerpt from Linda Kracht and Jackie Hilgert’s book, The Art of Breastfeeding. **** To many, the major benefit to breastfeeding is the emotional well-being it instills in both mother and child. A breastfeeding mother will slow down and give her child undivided attention many times each day. She’ll look into his eyes. She’ll talk…

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The continuum of fertility: Breastfeeding

An excerpt from Marilyn M. Shannon’s book, Fertility, Cycles & Nutrition. **** The experience of a nursing mother — as she follows a continuum from complete infertility to normal fertility — is instructive for non-nursing women with irregular cycles or unexplained infertility. At the beginning of breastfeeding When the hormones of ovulation — FSH and LH…

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Fact check: Is breastfeeding advocacy harmful to women?

The question: Is breastfeeding advocacy harmful to women? They say: French feminist Elisabeth Badinter published The Conflict: How Modern Motherhood Undermines the Status of Women last year. In the book, Badinter accuses breastfeeding advocates of pressuring mothers to nurse, thereby sentencing them to a “loss of freedom and the despotism of an insatiable child.” According…

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Hey, Dad: You’re part of the breastfeeding team

From the November-December 2011 issue of Family Foundations: by Robert W. Sears, M.D. and James M. Sears, M.D. Many new dads feel there are certain things they can’t do quite as well as moms can, and most moms would probably agree. We prefer to say that dads tend to do things a little differently sometimes.…

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