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Reactions to male birth control drug are telling

There’s something unsettling about implanting foreign substances into our bodies to stop them from working properly. Men should be repulsed by hormonal contraceptives in any form. Women should feel slighted that they’ve been kept in the dark about better alternatives and convinced that their fertility is a “burden” that falls only on their shoulders.

The beauty of NFP is that it respects the dignity of the human person in a way hormonal contraceptives just don’t.

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Fertility fitness: How female athletes are embracing their cycles

In fact, fighting menstrual cycles — especially with hormonal contraceptives — can hurt athletic performance. Inadequate nutrition, sleep, and body fat negatively impact hormone levels, which in turn can create symptoms that disrupt training such as sluggishness, bloating, intolerable cramping or bleeding, and more. Medicating cycles away with artificial hormones can create further troubles, including poor bone density and increased risks of blood clots in otherwise healthy athletes.

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Creighton doctor joins CCL Board of Directors

“I have a tremendous respect for CCL, particularly how it has reached out to younger couples utilizing social media and the like. I also greatly respect the goal of CCL to improve marriages overall. I always find the CCL message to be one of pro-family and pro-marriage.”

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Seeking reports of negative birth control experiences

Calling all former birth control users! The Catholic Medical Association (CMA) has filed a Citizen’s petition to encourage the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) to require more transparent labeling of the risks associated with various forms of birth control on their packaging. They’ve got all the studies, all the arguments and all the proof lined up,…

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FINALLY: CDC’s FABM numbers change

They finally did it! After years of citing misleading and inaccurate effectiveness ratings for natural family planning methods, the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) has updated their website, Natural Womanhood announced yesterday. But is it the change we were hoping for? Formerly, the CDC cited a methodologically-flawed study which unfairly grouped FABMs with other…

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Cleveland professionals get the FACTS

On Saturday, February 23, more than 80 area doctors, medical students and passionate laypeople gathered at the Hilton DoubleTree Hotel just outside Cleveland, Ohio. The issue at hand was women’s health, but not the way society at large tends to think of it. This conference wasn’t about increasing popular access to contraceptives or abortion. Quite…

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What the new Vatican document says about hysterectomy

Update, January 4, 2019 at 10:52 am: Due to responses, some of the wording and implications in this article have been clarified. *** On Thursday, January 3, a document further exploring the morality of hysterectomy was published by the Vatican on behalf of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF). It was released…

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