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Archive for February 2016

In Zika controversy, remember what the Church officially teaches

Last week we witnessed the latest installation in what is almost becoming a serial tale of Pope Francis raising confusion and controversy with his in-flight press conferences. This case was, as were the others, exacerbated by headlines and reporting by secular media outlets that lack knowledge and understanding of Catholic Church teaching. Thus headlines were…

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CCL and the Year of Mercy: February

We apologize for posting this late. We continue our prayer campaign in this Year of Mercy by remembering how the Catechism of the Catholic Church defines mercy: “The loving kindness, compassion, or forbearance shown to one who offends (i.e., the mercy of God to us sinners).” In the spirit of that definition, as we pray…

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Live the Love of your marriage vows

It’s always amazing to hear from couples who have realized that, once they got the nuts and bolts of their NFP method down, they saw further benefits for their marriage. Natural family planning brings couples closer together by increasing respect and communication skills. As many couples say, if you can talk about cervical mucus you can pretty much…

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CDC warning creates pressure, divide for women not on birth control

Recently the CDC released a statement encouraging women who are not taking birth control to stop drinking alcohol in order to avoid the potential danger of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders should they become pregnant. This article points to research that exposes the potential risk of a woman drinking early in her pregnancy. Why does it seem as…

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Doritos commercial “anti-choice”?

On Super Bowl Sunday my family and I gave in to the national ritual of a Super Bowl party, after my dad gave the NFL some credit for getting nearly an entire nation to gather and party for a football game they don’t even necessarily care about (we sure didn’t). But nonetheless, we all went…

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Christmas outreach to clergy

Our volunteers know how to get creative with their outreach efforts! Two chapters in different parts of the country each came up with ways to wish local clergy a Merry Christmas from CCL, and helped to create supportive relationships in the process. Members of the Cleveland chapter made care packages for the seminarians of their…

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