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New study: Fertility app users with formal NFP education more likely to stick to charting

We know, we know. It sounds like common sense that formal training on NFP makes users more consistent and committed to charting, but it’s important to back up claims with data…and now we have data. CCL’s own Mike Manhart, PhD, conducted the study which analyzed anonymous data from CycleProGo users who gave their permission. CycleProGo…
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CCL Board member receives papal award

While the papal award was originally bestowed upon members of the Swiss Guard and Papal Army, it has since been expanded to honor deserving world civilians. The name "Bene Merenti" literally means "well deserving."
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New study connects adolescent birth control use to depression…again

For CCL, this is far from news. What we've suspected anecdotally for decades is being confirmed time and time again by medical research: the Pill hurts young women.
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