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Archive for April 2019

Try these online shops for adorable nursing clothes

A recent cultural movement to embrace public breastfeeding — with or without a cover — has been gaining momentum. While we welcome a more accepting attitude toward public breastfeeding, we certainly don’t want anyone baring their chests in front of strangers. Nursing moms, keep your shirts on. We scoured the internet for nursing clothes that…

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Our take on Natural Cycles

Recently, Bloomberg released an in-depth interview of the creators of the “birth control app,” Natural Cycles, checking in after a recent PR crisis that shook their reputation. This has brought increased attention to an entire array of fertility monitoring apps — including our own CycleProGo — and period tracking apps that don’t provide fertility awareness…

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The lowdown on caffeine

An excerpt from Marilyn M. Shannon’s book, Fertility, Cycles & Nutrition. **** Caffeine is a good slave but a bad master. When you use it only occasionally or in moderation, it provides a lift that many people enjoy. However, it affects the nervous system, and can cause anxiety and irritability. It can deprive you of a…

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6 books to read before you get married

Congratulations! You’re engaged! Phew, do you have a lot of work ahead of you. It will be easy to get caught up in the details of the big day, so take it from someone who’s just a month away from her own wedding: make a point to slow down and put some preparation towards the…

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