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Archive for January 2019

The world of quieter conversions

St. Paul’s conversion, with all its drama and bright lights and the booming voice of God, reads like something out of a comic book. While such film-worthy revelations of God to his people are rare, quiet conversions and reversions are far more numerous than people may believe. In NFP circles in particular, we see that…

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5 ways we’re getting more out of marriage prep

I’m currently four months deep in an 8-month engagement. As I write this, my fiancé is in a U-Haul moving across the country, where he’ll stay until I move and join him after the honeymoon. As we are back again in a long-distance relationship and because he is not Catholic, much of the planning and…

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Gifts for your NFP journey

As we celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany this weekend, perhaps we can consider one lesson of the Epiphany: that it is a symbol of our own journey to Christ. The three wise men, we are told, believed the star of Bethlehem was announcing the birth of the King of the Jews. Still, they had…

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What the new Vatican document says about hysterectomy

Update, January 4, 2019 at 10:52 am: Due to responses, some of the wording and implications in this article have been clarified. *** On Thursday, January 3, a document further exploring the morality of hysterectomy was published by the Vatican on behalf of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF). It was released…

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Missy Franklin, Olympic swimmer, to retire for best possible reason

She broke the news via an open letter on December 19, ending her career as a professional athlete. Missy Franklin, Olympic swimmer and role model for many, is retiring. In her letter, the 23-year-old, five-time Olympic gold medalist cited her upcoming marriage and deep desire for family as the primary reason for her decision. “I…

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