The Infiltration Continues

by Ann Gundlach

The infiltration of the ideology that same sex marriage and the homosexual lifestyle is good for society continues, and the last few days it seems I can’t escape it.

Last week I followed the controversy stirred by JC Penney when they named talk show host Ellen Degeneres as their new spokesperson. Conservative group One Million Moms decried the decision as “jumping on the gay bandwagon.”

Then a CCL member sent me this ad that a friend of hers in the Houston area received in a mailing from Macy’s:

Then today, as I was innocently enjoying the delightful Valentine’s Day Google Doodle, there it was again…at the very end:

Valentine’s Day Google Doodle

As a Catholic who believes in the biblical principle of marriage being created by God as the union of one man and one woman, it is difficult to have these ads and images keep showing up, usually unsolicited. It is even harder when they force conversations with children that would better be left until they were just a bit older.

I do not mean to be disrespectful of anyone. I am a big fan of Ellen; she is incredibly talented, lovely, funny, kind, generous, patriotic, etc. I also support JC Penney’s freedom to choose whomever they want as a spokesperson. I don’t even mind if part of their intent is to draw more gay customers.

Because, you see, my faith teaches me not to disrespect people. Including people who are gay. But my faith also teaches me that homosexual behavior is wrong, so I take offense at seeing that lifestyle applauded and celebrated.

So, while I look forward to enjoying JC Penney commercials featuring Ellen, I don’t want any of them to refer to her sexuality.

And while I like in some respects that Google is known as a company that welcomes gay employees, I don’t like that me and my children received an uninvited pro-gay message in their Valentine’s Day Doodle.

And after having a fantastic experience with Macy’s and their wedding registry program with my daughter’s recent wedding, the ad with the two grooms on the wedding cake just saddens me.

What say you?