Women Share Why They Don’t Use Birth Control

While it can sometimes seem that women who do not use contraception are few and far between, they are out there! I recently came across this Buzzfeed article with images of women displaying their reason they do not use birth control.

The reasons given are across the board with some mentioning the importance of new life, the empowerment of women, the side effects of the pill, and the desire to keep the body natural. Interestingly enough, for every one of the reasons these women give for not using birth control there is a reason to use NFP:

  • NFP respects the reproductive system God designed as well as the dignity of any newly conceived life that is created.
  • NFP empowers women by giving them the knowledge to track their natural fertility status, rather than having to control it with artificial hormones.
  • The pill has numerous harmful side effects that can potentially affect your future fertility and health, while NFP has zero!
  • There is nothing “artificial” about NFP; it keeps your body 100% natural and safe.

My favorite image even gives #NFP a little shout out! It reaffirms sex as an act that should have no barriers so that you can fully be one with your spouse. This is how NFP is not merely a great alternative to birth control, but something that can bring a relationship or marriage closer together.

The happiness and liberation that you see on these women’s faces perfectly embodies what saying no to birth control can do for your life (and your marriage). It can be quite a freeing feeling to go against the cultural grain and take control for yourself.

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— Megan Inwalle
Communications Intern