The Effects of an NFP Choice

Couples share about NFPFor any newcomers to natural family planning (NFP), or even those who aren’t so sold on it yet, it can seem a little puzzling. Likely even daunting. This is understandable considering our culture tells us that birth control pills and devices are the “end all-be all” of preventing pregnancy. But there is another way, and sometimes couples actual experiences are what it takes to help us consider the alternative.

Our short promo video features two couples who learned NFP through CCL talk about the method and how it has helped their faith, family, and marriage.

Like most, they were hugely skeptical at first. But after suffering poor effects from the pill or realizing they harbored a misunderstanding of Church teaching, they knew they needed a change. They cleared the hurdle of skepticism, and in doing so found so many benefits that speak to the effectiveness of the method, a wake-up call to their faith, and a blessing to their marriage.

Watching them interact you can sense a palpable connection. You can feel the love and support they have for each other. Together they have taken this journey of NFP and it has helped create a solid marriage that is filled with love. This is exactly what CCL hopes to accomplish through NFP instruction — to give couples not only a safe, healthy and effective way to plan their families with God, but a more meaningful and strong marriage.

Watch these couples. Theyre living the love of their wedding vows. That’s what NFP is about.

— Megan Imwalle
Communications Intern