20 Reasons Why Our Members Chose NFP

We asked our members why they chose NFP. Here’s just a sampling of their answers:

1. “My wife did years ago because she didn’t want to take any more medications. She wants her health and wants to do things naturally.” – E.G.

2. “My husband was raised Catholic and I was baptized in the faith before we were married and we took the marriage class through the church and was taught NFP. Loved it right from the start. Have been it doing ever since so almost 8 years now.” – S.S.

3. “As a convert, studying with the Dominicans in Rome and marrying a Swiss Guard who was literally living on Pope John Paul II’s doorstep, how could we choose anything else?!” – R.C.

4. “Both of us are Catholic. Both sets of our parents (of the baby boomer generation) used some version of NFP. It was obvious… especially as we’re both scientists!” – B.W.

5. “I wanted to embrace my natural fertility and be empowered in learning how my body works. #Virtue” – A.C

6. “I wanted to feel free, to feel like myself again, to have my mood swings, my sad days, my cheerful days… pills took that away from me and I realized that it was all those things which made me who I was, so we discussed it and we went back to natural…. that brought us peace.” – F.V.

7. “I love that it’s natural, I don’t need to put my body on a medication that prevents it from doing what it’’s supposed to do. I also confirmed my PCOS with it and can monitor my symptoms better with NFP.” – C.C.

8. “When I did the RCIA I let the [birth control] talk go in one ear and out the other. Several years later when I got engaged, I took the CCL class at my parish and I realized what it REALLY was. So many misconceptions! (Pun not intended, haha.)” – E.L.

9. “After being on the pill for five years, I got off and got pregnant two times right away. Both ended in early miscarriages. Diagnosed with a factor V Leiden clotting disorder, I read up as much as possible on charting. I am also a Catholic and I finally realized this is what God wanted. My son will be two in November. Hoping for a second baby, God willing.” – H.O.

10. “It was mandatory to learn as part of the pre-marital counseling we received. And we knew that if we were going to be serious about living out our faith in a sacramental marriage, learning and staying faithful to NFP had to be a key component.” – A.V.

11. “Many, but once you have four kids, why use contraception? Lol. Seriously, My wife had several miscarriages, condoms are simply disgusting, and we became more and more educated on the Church’s teaching. A strong prayer life and you begin to hear the will of God, He is the God of the Living, the God of Life. All the pieces begin to fit together.” – M.R.

12. “We finally sought the Church’s teaching and understood the beauty of it just a few years ago. Pride fooled us for so long into thinking that we knew better–that the Church was outmoded. Honestly–we were just very ignorant. It has been very humbling.” – M.W.

13. “Getting married. Learned about it for the first time in Engaged Couple class. 20 years in it has helped in more ways than we could have dreamed!” – E.S.

14. “Church teaching. Best thing ever! [The] Church is very wise!” – L.B.

15. “I grew up being aware of NFP but as a teenager had issues and was put on the pill. After experiencing HORRENDOUS mood swings, stopped taking the Rx. Soon thereafter got married and found NFP much more affordable and healthier. Thanks to NFP we are now about to welcome a baby in December!” – L.W.

16. “Eileen and I decided to start using NFP at the beginning of our marriage in 1966— 2 years BEFORE Humanae Vitae — we never looked back. It has been a blessing for our marriage.” – G.F.

17. “Hormones suck and I love knowing what’s going on inside my body, I feel more in control and in charge of myself.” – A.S.

18.  “Divine intervention at one point!” – A.M.R.

19. “It’s against my religion to use contraception, my doctor told me I had to wait at least one year before becoming pregnant again after my C-section and I’m a naturalist. I don’t like to use medicine unless necessary.” – B.H.

20. “My fiancé insisted and he was right, three lovely daughters owe their lives to it.” – L.V.