Nature Cycles for a Reason, So Does Your Body


The Autumn Equinox has come and gone and fall is upon us! September 22 at 10:21 a.m. was the official beginning of fall in the Northern Hemisphere, and a day in which we received a split even amount of daytime and nighttime, 12 hours each.

National Geographic tells us that this even split in the day is linked to the reason that the Earth has different seasons and cycles of weather.

While some would take the Southern sun all year round, or others find the several feet of winter snow in Michigan or Minnesota comforting, I’m one who takes comfort in the changing of the seasons. Once I’m tired of the hot days of summer, I love when the crisp air of fall arrives.

Mother Nature also seems to take some comfort in the different cycles of weather and seeing as she’s held her job position for quite some time, who are we to stand in her way? Just as Mother Nature is in charge of the cycles of the Earth’s weather, let’s not forget that we are natural creatures as well. While the natural cycles of women’s bodies come more often than the cycles of nature, they still reflect that just as there is a design involved in the nature of the Earth, there is a design in our bodies as well.

Hormonal contraceptives take away that nature by putting the woman’s cycle into an unnatural state that works against everything it was made for. The pill covers up a woman’s natural cycles through the synthetic hormones that prevent ovulation by messing with her natural hormone levels.

Besides changing the natural cycle of the body, these synthetic hormones can also cause dangerous side effects such as blood clots that can result in death, or a whole list of less dangerous, but annoying, side effects. Oral contraceptives are even classified as a group one carcinogen. These are some pretty scary consequences for messing up a system that, let’s face it, has a pretty good track record of keeping the human race alive and well!

Be a part of the knowledge and science behind why your body cycles — just as nature does — and track your fertility by learning natural family planning. Mother Nature has kept the Earth spinning and our bodies moving for quite some time…let’s stop questioning her!

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— Megan Imwalle
Communications Intern