Independence from the Tyranny of Chemicals

Happy Independence Day! We hope you have had a pleasant weekend full of cookouts, fireworks and, most importantly, family and friends. Amidst the unwinding and fun we should also remember why we have this wonderful holiday—we are celebrating the freedom and independence we have as a country and as individuals, and the men and women who have kept us free.

When it comes to independence of another sort, CCL and NFP help by freeing women from the harmful chemicals in their daily hormonal birth control pill or patch or shot, and providing body knowledge and the realization of what body independence really feels like. Teenage girls are too-often increasingly prescribed birth control for irregular or painful periods before investigating possible underlying health issues or alternative treatments. Women are too often told to take chemicals to alter and control their bodies, but we should be in charge of our own bodies! In an age of female empowerment, we want to be as independent as we can, so why rely on a pack of pills when there could be another way?

NFP users Ben and Karina have been there. Karina was prescribed the pill at a young age and was completely dependent on it, saying “the pill was my miracle” as it relieved her from the medical issues in her cycles. But as she got more and more concerned about potential side effects as well as the morality in using birth control with the Catholic Church, she and her husband decided to put their trust in NFP.

“I can’t tell you how liberated I felt when I threw away that last pack of pills. It felt like shedding a weight. The pill had been my miracle drug, but in that class I found out that how God had created the body was the true miracle.”

Read Ben and Karina’s full story here.

Ryan and Jessica also have great things to say about staying off the pill and the benefits of truly learning about your body and fertility. Plus, many NFP husbands love that their wives’ health isn’t at risk from unnecessary side effects. How sweet is that!

“For us, we find comfort in knowing that it is safe, effective and natural. By knowing and understanding the body we can detect problems early, identify ovulation, have the first notice of being pregnant, and even are able to calculate a more accurate due date based on ovulation.”

“Something I really love about it is that it provides the freedom for Jessica to not have to ingest, inject or implant potentially harmful hormones into her body. As a husband, I don’t ever want to put Jessica’s health at risk for the sake of convenience.”

Read Ryan and Jessica’s full story here.

This Independence Day, think about freeing yourself from the chemicals of hormonal contraception and take real control by learning about your body and cycles. Think about trying natural family planning.

— Megan Imwalle
Communications Intern