Live the Love of Your Marriage Vows

It’s always amazing to hear from couples who have realized that, once they got the nuts and bolts of their NFP method down, they saw further benefits for their marriage. Natural family planning brings couples closer together by increasing respect and communication skills. As many couples say, if you can talk about cervical mucus you can pretty much talk about anything.

While CCL is fully committed to teaching couples the method of NFP to postpone or achieve pregnancy, we are even more excited about sharing what NFP can do for marriage. It’s right there in our tagline! Whether you are engaged, newlyweds or have been married quite some time, we want to help you truly live the love of your marriage vows and using NFP can do that.

NFP provokes conversations and decisions about when is the right time to welcome another baby, and these communication skills can also carry over into all aspects of your marriage and create a truly healthy and strong relationship. Also, while periods of abstinence can be tough, couples have found that even those shared trials can strengthen their marriage. Take it from Ryan and Jessica, an NFP couple from Mt. Cory, Ohio:

Of course sometimes the periods of abstinence were a sacrifice, but that sacrifice really helped us grow stronger during that first year of marriage. We found that we became less selfish and more caring towards each other. We also found ourselves spending more quality time together. – Ryan

With no barriers, no risks to health there is nothing stopping you from fully being one with your spouse. Through this, there is a certain care that couples feel from one another in their love and marriage.

While Ryan has always said that he loves me so much that he doesn’t want to ever hurt me or put my health or soul at risk, he puts those words into action through the practice of NFP. This has led to an even greater respect and appreciation for him as my husband. – Jessica

Here are more quotes from couples whose marriages have benefited from NFP. You can read their full stories here.

It changed the way we viewed our sexuality, our marriage, each other, our children, our goals, and nearly every other aspect of life. This has taken us from the brink of just being another divorce statistic to having a marriage that keeps getting better, stronger, and more joyful. Most important of all, we’ve come to trust each other in every decision we make in all aspects of our life. – Matt

It has only drawn us closer to one another and to God, and I am forever grateful to my wife for taking a leap of faith and committing us to NFP. — Ben

We have also grown closer to each other and grown in our Catholic faith, which we didn’t expect to come from simply plotting temperatures and signs on a chart. In learning to talk about intimate matters like fertility, other conversations now come more natural. — Alison