It’s No Oscar or Grammy, but CCL Scored Good Numbers in 2015

You know when a friend starts a sentence telling you something about themselves by saying, “Well, not to brag, but…” and then they proceed to brag? It’s a funny little human quirk and as often as we hear it, we also probably say it ourselves. Now it’s our turn.

So, not to brag but…

We recently got our 2015 numbers for student feedback and teaching activity, and we’ve got good news to share! For several years CCL has asked students in certain areas to complete a short survey at the conclusion of the NFP course.

Here is a snapshot of the 2015 Student Survey results:

  • More than 95% of couples were taking the class as a requirement for marriage
  • 35% came to class with a poor attitude about NFP, and yet…
  • 98% felt they better understand their fertility after the class
  • 98% said the class would be beneficial to them (59% said VERY beneficial)
  • 91% would recommend the class to a friend
    • Even looking just at those who came in with a poor attitude, a whopping 82% would now recommend the class to a friend

Friends, if we are presenting an NFP class experience that leaves even those who enter with a poor attitude saying they would recommend it to a friend…we are on the right track!!

Overall teaching activity

Our good news does not stop there, as we can’t leave out the great results in 2015 of the hard work from our wonderful volunteers. We certainly couldn’t do any of this without them! CCL was blessed to realize a modest 2 percent increase in couples taught in our English program last year. Here are some other things worth noting from 2015:

  • A total of 628 certified CCL teachers taught a total of 4,870 couples (9,740 individuals) in the United States and among U.S. military serving abroad.
  • CCL instructed at least one couple in all 50 states.
  • CCL taught at least one couple in 164 of 178 U.S. dioceses; this is 5 more dioceses served than in 2014.
  • At least one CCL teacher resides in each of 144 (81%) dioceses.

New Self-paced Online Class popularity

And for the final item of our boast, we’d like to point out the great success that our new Self-paced Online Class has been since it launched in September!

Among the 34 dioceses without a resident CCL teaching couple, 3 in 4 still had students instructed by CCL, likely by utilizing our online options or travelling to a nearby diocese for face-to-face instruction. The popularity of the new Self-paced Online Class is evident by its rapid acceptance.  After its launch, over 40 percent of couples registering for an English language CCL class selected the self-paced option. In just over three months, the number of students learning via the self-paced program was more than double the number who utilized the Home Study course over a full nine months of availability. We expect its popularity to continue since post-class feedback from students completing this course is as strong as that which we find from traditional live classes.

Well, that about wraps it up! 2015 was an excellent year for CCL and we’re hoping only to get better in 2016!

— Megan Imwalle
Communications Intern