CCL & the Year of Mercy

Year of MercyRejoice! The Year of Mercy is upon us! We have a tremendous opportunity over the next twelve months to experience God’s mercy for ourselves and the whole world.

Couple to Couple League wants to take full advantage of the graces offered throughout the year and so have decided to offer prayers each month for a different group of people connected with our NFP ministry. We invite you to do the same, and to share this with your friends and family.

CCL seeks to uphold all that is true, good and beautiful about God’s design for human love. The trouble is, there is a mountain of obstacles in the way for people in today’s world to recognize what is true, good and beautiful about God’s design for human love! We are committing to pray each month for God’s healing mercy on one aspect that makes it difficult for people to embrace God’s plan for human sexuality.

If we want to turn the tide on the powers that push contraception, abortion, sterilization, artificial reproductive techniques, euthanasia and other practices that deny the dignity of human life, we must pray for it! We must pray for the opening of hearts to see the beauty of God’s creation of human life as male and female; for the desire to respect our bodies and their natural rhythms; and to understand what it means to love fully, as Christ loved the Church. Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, has given the Church a great gift with this Jubilee Year of Mercy that begins tomorrow, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Let us join together and take advantage of this gift in order to ask for God’s mercy to reach and bless all those who we hope to reach with our NFP ministry!

At the top of each month throughout the Year of Mercy we will post a short reflection that addresses the specific prayer intention for that month. Please invite everyone you know to pray along with us. At the end of the year we hope to have a beautiful spiritual bouquet to give to Our Lady, who is constantly interceding on our behalf and distributing God’s graces.

This means we want to hear about how you’re praying! We are literally going to create a physical bouquet with all of our offerings and show you the progress as the year goes on. You can offer a decade of the Rosary, a chaplet of Divine Mercy, prayerful reading of scripture, a Holy Hour, a Mass, a novena, your suffering…the list could go on and on. Email CCLs Sarah Drew at with your prayer offerings. Example: Jane from Boston—one rosary for December’s intention. It’s that simple!

Speaking of December’s prayer intention, stayed tuned for tomorrow’s post. You can sign up for email blog updates below. Please join us in prayer and may God bless all of us abundantly with His mercy in the year ahead!

Prayer of Pope Francis for the Jubilee