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Humanae Vitae invites us to the fullness of God’s love

’Humanae Vitae Giving Day *  *  * by Ann Gundlach CCL Director of Communications Welcome to our celebration of Humanae Vitae! Many today would disagree that the message of Pope Paul VI’s Humanae Vitae is worthy of celebration. Most people who are even aware of it tend to dismiss it as old-fashioned, as the Church…

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Be part of our Humanae Vitae video!

We are doing something big  for NFP Awareness Week this year — and we need your help! We want to reawaken the world to Humanae Vitae through a video of personal testimonials. Would you please record a short video with your spouse? We’re looking for two components in a super-short video. (It could be just…

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The effects of an NFP choice

For any newcomers to natural family planning (NFP), or even those who aren’t so sold on it yet, it can seem a little puzzling. Likely even daunting. This is understandable considering our culture tells us that birth control pills and devices are the “end all-be all” of preventing pregnancy. But there is another way, and sometimes couples’ actual…

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