HV Invites Us to the Fullness of God’s Love

’Humanae Vitae Giving Day

*  *  *

by Ann Gundlach
Former CCL Director of Communications

Welcome to our celebration of Humanae Vitae!

Many today would disagree that the message of Pope Paul VI’s Humanae Vitae is worthy of celebration. Most people who are even aware of it tend to dismiss it as old-fashioned, as the Church imposing some onerous or archaic teaching about sex.

But we want to help people see that Humanae Vitae is still incredibly relevant, beautifully written, accessible and down to earth. It is protective and supportive of marriage as God designed it.

When you survey the state of romantic unions today — from the hook-up culture on college campuses to the surge in cohabitation and divorce and the record number of out-of-wedlock births — it’s painfully clear that the status quo of our culture is not working. We’ve taken sex and turned it into anything we want it to be, and look where we are at! Humanae Vitae, and now the Theology of the Body, is the only answer to get us out of the craziness, for people to realize who God created them to be and to live in sync with that. There is no other solution.

We at CCL have been inspired by Pope Francis’ call to get out into the streets and share the good news. So we are trying today to take the message of Humanae Vitae beyond circles of the NFP crowd and get it shared far and wide on social media.

We start with an original video, co-produced with Likeable Art, that thematically expresses the beauty of the love and life meanings of marital love. The release of Humanae Vitae started a conversation, many in the following years have helped us unpack and understand its meaning, and by sharing this video you are now carrying that message and conversation out to others. Please join us!