Be Part of Our Humanae Vitae Video!

We are doing something big  for NFP Awareness Week this year — and we need your help!

We want to reawaken the world to Humanae Vitae through a video of personal testimonials. Would you please record a short video with your spouse?

We’re looking for two components in a super-short video. (It could be just 30 seconds or a minute, and a homemade feel is fine.)

Sit down beside your spouse in a quiet, well-lit area, ideally against a plain background (not in front of a window) and press record. An iPhone or other smartphone will work fine. Then do two things for us:

First, finish the sentence: “Because of Humanae Vitae….” One of you should start the conversation with those actual words, “Because of Humanae Vitae….” And then just finish the thought. We’re not looking for anything formal or academic, just a simple, personal response. We’d love to hear from both of you, so one can begin and then the other can chime in, or you can go back and forth.

Second, do a little word-association with Humanae Vitae. Don’t worry about making a transition from your initial conversation, just jump over to this section and begin saying single words or phrases that you associate with Humanae Vitae. “Truth.” “Wisdom.” “Beauty.” “Guidance.” “Love.” “Family.” Etc. Whatever comes to mind. No wrong answer here!

Senior couple taking a selfie video

Then stop recording and send us your video. Either:

1. Email it to Christina Ries at
2. Upload it to YouTube, make the video public and send us the YouTube link.
3. Upload it to our Google Drive folder, “Humane Vitae Videos,” available at: To do so you will need a Google account (either through gmail or a simply a Google account, consisting of username and password. You can upload the free Google Drive app to your smartphone to transfer your video right from your phone. Or you can import your video to your PC or Mac and then upload it to the Google Drive folder by following this link.

No matter which route you choose to share the video, please send a separate email (with no attachments or video) to Christina after you’ve shared it to confirm its receipt:

To be a part of our video, please submit it by Wednesday, July 6.

We can’t wait to show you the finished product on CCL’s Humanae Vitae Giving Day, which is Monday, July 25. Stay tuned to CCL’s blog and social-media accounts to learn more — and thank you SO much!

— The CCL team