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Abstinence and words of affirmation

This article is part of a series called Abstinence and the love languages. Some people disregard compliments as flattery, but people who are fluent in Words of Affirmation take kind words to heart. In fact, actually hearing or reading affirmative statements from their spouse provides them the proof and reassurance that they can feel safe…

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Abstinence and the love languages

When couples are experiencing periods of abstinence, we often hear a variation of this alarming phrase: “I’m afraid to even touch my wife!” It’s understandable. When every cell in one’s body is bursting with desire for their beloved, it can be hard to find ways to express affection that don’t lead back to the bedroom.…

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A nod to the love languages

From the Family Foundations archives **** Learning to speak each other’s love language has been crucial for our marriage and it fits remarkably well with our practice of NFP! When Maria and I were engaged, I learned early on that she loved to read self-improvement books — books on relationships, on faith, and when we were expecting…

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