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NFP: A key to Christian unity?

This year, the Week for Christian Unity falls on January 18-25. As in years past, ecumenism efforts have culminated during this time, with internationally-coordinated events and even an official theme. But now, in 2018, events could align to create a new platform for Christian unity: reproductive health. With more attention than ever on the dangers…

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20 reasons why

We asked our members why they chose NFP. Here’s just a sampling of their answers: 1. “My wife did years ago because she didn’t want to take any more medications. She wants her health and wants to do things naturally.” – E.G. 2. “My husband was raised Catholic and I was baptized in the faith…

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A call for modern-day warriors

From the Family Foundations archives **** OK, I admit it: Part of me thinks it would be fun to be Attila the Hun. I would pull on my helmet and leap upon my warhorse. As the battle horn sounded, I would brandish my javelin and howl, urging my fierce steed into the front of the attack. Let…

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Media Matters

Media matters. I remember discussing media with grade- and high school students during my years as a chastity educator. Every class, without fail, we encountered students who were convinced that they could read, watch and listen to whatever they wanted because they believed they were unaffected by the messages and images. They usually cited being…

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