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Why is the Catholic Church against contraception?

Humanae Vitae Giving Day 2018 *    *    * by Jason Evert Contraception is nothing new; history records people using various methods of birth control four thousand years ago. Ancient people swallowed potions to cause temporary sterility; they used linens, wool, or animal skins as barrier methods; they fumigated the uterus with poison to…

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From Humanae Vitae to the Theology of the Body

  Humanae Vitae Giving Day 2018 We are very glad to share this excerpt from Christopher West’s newest book which he debuted at our conference earlier this month, Eclipse of the Body: How We Lost Sight of the Meaning of Sex, Gender, Marriage, and Family and How to Regain It. *  *  * by Christopher West Soon after…

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Four ways NFP is different from contraception

Humanae Vitae Giving Day 2018 *  *  * by Professor Janet E. Smith On the 50th year anniversary of Humanae Vitae, let’s take a moment to consider the differences between NFP and contraception.  Some people think they are essentially the same because both are used by couples who want to have sexual intercourse but who…

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Media Matters

Media matters. I remember discussing media with grade- and high school students during my years as a chastity educator. Every class, without fail, we encountered students who were convinced that they could read, watch and listen to whatever they wanted because they believed they were unaffected by the messages and images. They usually cited being…

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Humanae Vitae: The Sword and the Stone

Humanae Vitae Giving Day *  *  * by Michael Gagnon It has now been 49 years since Humanae Vitae dropped out of heaven through His Holiness Pope Paul VI and the shockwaves continue to resound throughout the world. Since its release, this blessed document has not failed or slowed in its mission to clearly call…

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