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Year-end sale: The Art of Breastfeeding

Know any expectant or breastfeeding mothers? Now is the perfect time to gift them with our breastfeeding book The Art of Breastfeeding, currently on sale in our store for 68% off. That’s a dramatic price drop from $15.95 down to just $5.00! The Art of Breastfeeding by Linda Kracht and Jackie Hilgert is one of the few…

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Psychological benefits of breastfeeding

An excerpt from Linda Kracht and Jackie Hilgert’s book, The Art of Breastfeeding. **** To many, the major benefit to breastfeeding is the emotional well-being it instills in both mother and child. A breastfeeding mother will slow down and give her child undivided attention many times each day. She’ll look into his eyes. She’ll talk…

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Fact check: Is breastfeeding advocacy harmful to women?

The question: Is breastfeeding advocacy harmful to women? They say: French feminist Elisabeth Badinter published The Conflict: How Modern Motherhood Undermines the Status of Women last year. In the book, Badinter accuses breastfeeding advocates of pressuring mothers to nurse, thereby sentencing them to a “loss of freedom and the despotism of an insatiable child.” According…

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