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What St. Joseph teaches us about mercy

Joseph had it rough. Imagine being an all-around good guy, intentional about the reputations of both yourself and your family (after all, the Messiah is destined to come from your tribe!). You manage an engagement to the loveliest girl in town — one with an even more flawless record than your own — and you…

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St. Joseph, Husband of Mary

Today the Church celebrates St. Joseph, spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He is one of CCL’s patron saints because he is a role model for husbands, fathers and anyone trying to live a chaste life. The marriage of Mary and Joseph was truly unique. They loved each other as husband and wife but remained…

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CCL Celebrates the Feast of St. Joseph

Today CCL joins the Church in celebrating the life of St. Joseph. It is only fitting that our volunteers chose St. Joseph to be among our patron saints. He is the model for husbands, fathers, and all men, having lived a life of humility and authentic masculinity. In contrast to Jesus, who is perfect by…

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