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Eight habits to strengthen every marriage

From the Family Foundations archives ****  There’s a lot of confusion about what separates happy couples from unhappy couples. For instance, you might be surprised to know that happy couples argue about as often as unhappy couples and are about as good at solving problems! The real difference between marriage masters and marriage disasters is that happy…

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5 reasons to learn NFP in the new year

It’s that time of year to make life-changing resolutions we inevitably forget by mid-March! Think back to all the New Year’s resolutions you’ve kept. If you can remember any at all, there’s probably only one or two that had any real effect on your life. That’s because of the Commitment Triangle: Basically, there are three…

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A nod to the love languages

From the Family Foundations archives **** Learning to speak each other’s love language has been crucial for our marriage and it fits remarkably well with our practice of NFP! When Maria and I were engaged, I learned early on that she loved to read self-improvement books — books on relationships, on faith, and when we were expecting…

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