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Keep up, Cosmo

Earlier last week, Cosmopolitan posted an embarrassing article entitled, “15 Facts About the Rhythm Method of Contraception.” I had high hopes at first, given that Cosmo recently published a promising feature on fertility awareness-based methods (FAMB) and consulted some really valuable sources for the piece. Surely, after their interview with FACTS Executive Director Dr. Marguerite Duane,…

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Don’t gobble up everything you hear

Oh, the joys of Thanksgiving dinner. Sure, everyone loves the food and almost everyone appreciates the quality time, but what family doesn’t find themselves in squabbles around the close quarters of the dining room table? It seems like family gatherings these past few years have grown increasingly tense, increasingly divided and increasingly political. While we…

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Luck’s got nothing to do with it

On this feast of St. Patrick’s Day perhaps you are thinking about some of the luck in your life. Whether it be something small, like getting a good parking space or something larger, like being in the right place at the right time to meet your spouse. There are all sorts of luck (aka blessings!) to…

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