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Double standards

From the Family Foundations archives **** We had a scare last summer. It had been a stressful run-up to a road trip that was doing triple duty: travel writing, professional conference and family vacation. My cycle started just as we left, and — of course! — we forgot the thermometer. We figured we’d be home by the…

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5 NFP myths debunked

If you’ve spent more than 10 minutes on social media, you’ve probably gotten the sense that everyone’s an expert on everything, but no one seems to actually know what they’re talking about. As the Information Age makes mistakes easier and easier to spread, it’s all the more important that we take the time to dig…

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Hormonal Contraceptives? There’s a better way.

We have a “new” brochure available called Hormonal Contraceptives now available. It’s “new” in that it contains updated and current information, but it’s “old” in that it is actually a re-make of one of our most popular brochures, “The Pill: How Does It Work? Is It Safe?” This new brochure touches on all the various…

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