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Facing a Phase II honeymoon

From the Family Foundations archives *     *     *     * For the many engaged couples enrolled in an NFP class, one of the biggest concerns is facing a honeymoon that falls during the fertile time of the cycle. That calls for a lot of prayerful discernment, especially if you were…

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Adventures in charting

By Leah Darrow Life can’t always be planned, and natural family planning hasn’t always been a perfect process for my husband, Ricky, and me. Don’t get me wrong: I actually love the idea of planning, organizing, making lists, Post-It notes, Ikea and The Container Store. But the reality is that I am president of the Procrastinator’s…

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NFP primer for learning couples

By Vicki Braun Why is it so challenging for us humans to adopt a new diet, take on a new sport or learn new job skills? Maybe it’s because we like rhythm and predictability; we enjoy constancy in our lives and learning a new habit or skill takes time to make it a regular part…

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NFP orients couple to each other

By Bennett & Trish Rawicki Teaching Couple Bennett & Trish Rawicki share this witness talk with their students in Dallas, Texas. Bennett: When we got married we could have been the poster couple for needing contraception. We were both one year into grad school, with me in law school and Trish in medical school. We…

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