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Adventures in charting

By Leah Darrow Life can’t always be planned, and natural family planning hasn’t always been a perfect process for my husband, Ricky, and me. Don’t get me wrong: I actually love the idea of planning, organizing, making lists, Post-It notes, Ikea and The Container Store. But the reality is that I am president of the Procrastinator’s…

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NFP primer for learning couples

By Vicki Braun Why is it so challenging for us humans to adopt a new diet, take on a new sport or learn new job skills? Maybe it’s because we like rhythm and predictability; we enjoy constancy in our lives and learning a new habit or skill takes time to make it a regular part…

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Awkward much?

When you first learned a thing or two about NFP did the word “mucus” make you feel uncomfortable? Did the thought of learning the intimate intricacies of human reproduction in a room with other people make you want to find an NFP DIY book on Amazon ASAP? You’re not alone. CCL recently welcomed new teaching…

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