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Celebrate October with our limited edition rosary

While the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary is technically only on October 7, the entire month is celebrated with a special emphasis on this beautiful devotion.s This particular October, we at CCL are asking for your prayers in a special way. We’re working hard to develop new initiatives, classes and more, and we…

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A great time for new beginnings

Happy Easter! Yesterday was a happy time to rejoice and be with family as we celebrated the new life given to us in Christ. New life and new beginnings are something we are fortunate to witness nearly every day at CCL in the stories of those who have found new life in their marriage and in…

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A different kind of Valentine’s Day gift

Valentine’s Day is often either a beloved day to show appreciation to loved ones or despised for its use of commercialism. While yes, it’s a great day to be a florist, a jewelry store or a candy store, we all know buying things for each other does not scratch the surface of what love and…

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