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3 ways to teach your kids about guardian angels

The concept of guardian angels is difficult enough for adults to grasp, so it’s unsurprising that these supernatural beings often get reduced to a sort of heavenly Tooth Fairy when explained to children. Angels are much more than some kind of God-given imaginary friends, so it’s important to teach our families the difference between cute…

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Family size: How many kids?

There’s an age-old question that haunts NFP families worldwide: How many kids should we have? The question of family size is serious, but without a clean-cut numerical answer. There are lots of opinions out there — many of them more than happy to make themselves known, whether you asked or not — and many factors…

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20 reasons why

We asked our members why they chose NFP. Here’s just a sampling of their answers: 1. “My wife did years ago because she didn’t want to take any more medications. She wants her health and wants to do things naturally.” – E.G. 2. “My husband was raised Catholic and I was baptized in the faith…

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Those Catholic women who use contraception

From the Family Foundations archives ****  This article originally appeared as part of Jennifer’s blog for the National Catholic Register, available at When I was giving a talk early last year, two women in the front row caught my eye. They were about my age, nicely dressed and seemed to be friends with one another. They…

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A reflection on National Watermelon Day

One of my favorite parts of teaching kindergarten was prepping the calendar each month and perusing “silly day” websites for fun holidays to share with the kids. There are entire indexes of these little-known, pseudo-official holidays, and they’re worth a look. Some of my favorites include Speak Like a Pirate Day (September 19), Bubble Wrap…

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What we’ve learned: it’s about more than the kids

Humanae Vitae Giving Day *  *  * by Tommy Tighe My wife and I have been on a crazy journey. From thinking the Church should stay out of our bedroom, to reading and embracing Humanae Vitae, to teaching engaged couples all about NFP in the comfort of our living room; it’s a story I barely…

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