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Aquila’s “The Splendor of Love” worth the read

Early last month on the Feast of the Presentation, Denver Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila released an incredible pastoral letter that, although written for his Colorado flock, speaks to Catholics everywhere. The 50-paragraph document entitled, “The Splendor of Love” is essentially a theological pep talk on the mind-blowing beauty of human sexuality, as expressed in Blessed…

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Will you be the parent of my children?

Humanae Vitae Giving Day *  *  * by Janet Smith When John Paul II was a professor of philosophy, he wrote Love and Responsibility, wherein he attempted to give a philosophical justification for his claim that contraception is not compatible with human love. In brief, to say to another that one is willing to be…

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“I Am Legend” and Pope Paul VI

Humanae Vitae Giving Day *  *  * by Christopher West In the apocalyptic movie I Am Legend,  the “once hailed miracle cure for cancer” turns out to be a virus that very quickly wipes out 90 percent of mankind.  Only 1 percent is immune.  The other 9 percent morphs into the so-called “dark seekers” –…

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Santo Subito at Last!

My co-workers and I are very excited about the canonization of Blessed John Paul II on Sunday. My DVR is already set for 4:00 am EST. I remember watching coverage of his funeral. People cried, “Santo subito! Santo subito! [Saint now],” as St. Peter’s Square busted far beyond its seams. So it will again on…

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