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CCL presents awards at Humanae Vitae convention

At last month’s 50th anniversary convention, we were thrilled to be able to award a handful of volunteers and influencers for their exceptional work supporting NFP couples and promoting the good news of God’s plan for family and married life. First, the Konald A. Prem Award bears the name of the doctor who helped CCL…

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Top 10 reasons to attend CCL’s convention

This list could go on forever and ever, but we’ve boiled it down to just the top ten reasons you should head out to Cincinnati for the weekend and celebrate with us. 1) You asked for it, we put it on, now we need you! Ever since our last one in 2010, it seems like…

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Dr. Janet Smith to speak at Humanae Vitae Conference

Dr. Janet E. Smith, author of Humanae Vitae: A Generation Later and the famous talk “Contraception: Why Not?”, will be presenting a keynote and a workshop at CCL’s conference from July 6-7. The conference, entitled “Families, become what you are!” will be a celebration of family life and the Church’s teachings outlined in the prophetic…

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Will you be the parent of my children?

Humanae Vitae Giving Day *  *  * by Janet Smith When John Paul II was a professor of philosophy, he wrote Love and Responsibility, wherein he attempted to give a philosophical justification for his claim that contraception is not compatible with human love. In brief, to say to another that one is willing to be…

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