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9 tips for improving intimacy in your marriage

From the Family Foundations archives **** Whether it’s years of marriage or distractions from the kids, couples often report fading spousal intimacy over time. The longer they’re married, it seems, the less connected they feel. Here are 9 time-tested tips that may not seem romantic, but ultimately encourage the kind of TLC that allows authentic intimacy to…

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Isaac and Kaylene’s love story

Real couples really do use NFP, and we asked them to tell us their NFP story. We will be sharing them here on the blog — the good parts and the struggles. Each of these couples is writing their own love story, and have chosen to do so by following God’s plan for marriage. Here…

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Candid advice from a happy housewife

From the Family Foundations archives **** Isn’t this totally a fun topic?! Thank you so much, dear fall of Adam, for wreaking havoc on our sexuality! In all seriousness — and I do mean, in all seriousness — it has taken me nearly 20 years to appreciate the blessing and gift of our marital covenant. And I…

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NFP Uncensored: Engaged and charting

NFP Uncensored is a series of candid accounts of the way NFP informs every aspect of life. You can follow the posts by searching for “NFP Uncensored” here in the Living the Love blog (use the search bar on the righthand side of this page), or by searching #NFPUncensored on social media. Isn’t it romantic…

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