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Tips for healthy fasting

NFPers are no strangers to the idea of abstinence, fasting and self-control. Lent is a beautiful liturgical season in which the entire Church joins together in self-denial in a focused way, and we seasoned veterans can be something of an example for those to whom such practices are less familiar. And just as NFP worth…

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Food and sex are different things

From the Family Foundations archives **** I have never had sex. I do not plan on ever having sex. Our culture today leads many to believe that a man’s appetite for sex is like his appetite for food — it needs to be satisfied or he will wither. As a celibate man, I assure you, you can…

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Pregnancy and preeclampsia

An excerpt from Marilyn M. Shannon’s book, Fertility, Cycles & Nutrition. **** You may have wondered why prenatal care includes blood pressure monitoring and urine checking more and more frequently as you approach your due date. These are done in order to detect early signs of a potentially serious problem, preeclampsia, or metabolic toxemia of late…

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