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Fact check: Is breastfeeding advocacy harmful to women?

The question: Is breastfeeding advocacy harmful to women? They say: French feminist Elisabeth Badinter published The Conflict: How Modern Motherhood Undermines the Status of Women last year. In the book, Badinter accuses breastfeeding advocates of pressuring mothers to nurse, thereby sentencing them to a “loss of freedom and the despotism of an insatiable child.” According…

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Who was Margaret Sanger?

 Planned Parenthood. It generates contentious debate, but what about the hidden face behind the organization, the woman who created the movement? Who was Margaret Sanger? A relatively unknown name, Margaret Sanger was the founder of the American Birth Control League which is known today as Planned Parenthood. For those that passionately fight for or against…

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Radical feminist becomes nun, embraces Humanae Vitae

Humanae Vitae Giving Day *  *  * By Sister Helena Burns You may be wondering what a nun has to do with or say about Humanae Vitae, the little 1968 encyclical that reaffirmed the Church’s 2,000-year-old position on contraception. Two thousand years? Yes. There have always been forms of contraception and abortion, and the followers…

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“Verily” refreshing magazine for young women

Our society certainly seems intent on pressing on women the seemingly impossible task of “looking good all the time.” With the glamorization of things like the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and a cultural fascination with celebrities that somehow look like porcelain dolls, it can be difficult being a young woman constantly surrounded by this body scrutiny. Magazines…

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