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Instagram inspiration

Meet the Catholic woman whose young family fuels a wildly popular lifestyle blog Name: Anna Liesemeyer Age: 33 City of residence: Atlanta Husband’s name: Gabe Kids’ names and ages: Gabriel, 8; Veronica, 6; Max, 4; Rocco, 2; Azelie, 1 Website: Why did you launch In Honor Of Design? I started it in 2010, and it was…

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Modesty in today’s culture

Modesty. It’s a word in our society and culture that definitely comes with a more of a negative connotation than a positive one. No one, women in particular, enjoy being told how they should dress, especially when personal fashion is something people take a lot of pride in as a way to express themselves. In the religious…

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Pregnancy is in

Something nearly unprecedented happened on Saturday at Fashion Week in New York. No, there weren’t any live goats on the runway (at least, not this year). No, PETA reps didn’t throw red paint on anyone and, no, nobody died. (All of these were actual events from years prior, believe it or not.) Something much crazier…

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