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Asking all the wrong questions

Photo credit: Bayer via Associated Press Recently, the Washington Post released a heartbreaking article featuring an in-depth exploration of Bayer’s controversial, permanent contraceptive device Essure. It’s essentially a thin metal coil — about the length of a sewing needle — filled with fibers intended to stimulate the growth of scar tissue. When implanted in the…

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Happy New Year from CCL!

Wow! What a year 2016 has been for CCL, natural family planning and birth control. So much has happened that has left a big impact. Here’s a short recap of some highlights from this year: CDC Warning: The CDC released a warning to women who aren’t using birth control stating they should avoid drinking all together…

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Unsure about Essure? There’s good reason

On Monday the FDA announced that it will require a black box warning and a new postmarketing study of the birth control device Essure. This decision comes after thousands of complaints from women ranging from serious side effects to unplanned pregnancies. The online Essure Problems Facebook Community, which has over 27,000 members, has been effective…

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