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5 NFP myths debunked

If you’ve spent more than 10 minutes on social media, you’ve probably gotten the sense that everyone’s an expert on everything, but no one seems to actually know what they’re talking about. As the Information Age makes mistakes easier and easier to spread, it’s all the more important that we take the time to dig…

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NFP Uncensored: Surprise!

NFP Uncensored is a series of candid accounts of the way NFP informs every aspect of life. You can follow the posts by searching for “NFP Uncensored” here in the Living the Love blog (use the search bar on the righthand side of this page), or by searching #NFPUncensored on social media. Natural Family Planning…

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Protect yourself against the elements, not your spouse

Happy Spring, everyone! The sun is creeping out and warmer weather looks like it’s here to stay, bringing spring into full swing. Spring also comes with that famous saying “April showers bring May flowers” (not a personal favorite one of mine…with an April birthday I wish it wasn’t associated with rain!). But now is the…

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Luck’s got nothing to do with it

On this feast of St. Patrick’s Day perhaps you are thinking about some of the luck in your life. Whether it be something small, like getting a good parking space or something larger, like being in the right place at the right time to meet your spouse. There are all sorts of luck (aka blessings!) to…

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Unsure about Essure? There’s good reason

On Monday the FDA announced that it will require a black box warning and a new postmarketing study of the birth control device Essure. This decision comes after thousands of complaints from women ranging from serious side effects to unplanned pregnancies. The online Essure Problems Facebook Community, which has over 27,000 members, has been effective…

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A new kind of New Year’s resolution

Are you like millions of other Americans who resolve to live a healthier lifestyle in 2016? Are you afraid that despite your enthusiasm and motivation to make lasting changes in diet and exercise you might lose steam after a few weeks because…well…you have in the past and there is always some occasion to celebrate? Don’t…

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