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What St. Joseph teaches us about mercy

Joseph had it rough. Imagine being an all-around good guy, intentional about the reputations of both yourself and your family (after all, the Messiah is destined to come from your tribe!). You manage an engagement to the loveliest girl in town — one with an even more flawless record than your own — and you…

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Encouragement for those new to NFP

From the Family Foundations archives **** Encouragement for those new to NFP…from those who have been there. “Be patient and trusting with it; it can be difficult at times. Know that it is not the magic key to all marital happiness, but it can help.” – Cindy O’Connor “Patience! NFP has been the best thing for our…

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Striving for the summit

Out there in the depths of the Internet, there’s an entire calendar of quirky holidays. This day, August 1st, is National Mountain Climbing Day. It might seem a little unfair — after all, not everyone has access to mountains. And yet, everyone can still participate in a good, strenuous mountain climb. In fact, if we’re…

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Infertility in Advent

Infertility is one of the worst pains that can befall a couple. And for those couples struggling to conceive, Advent — an entire season dedicated to the hopeful anticipation of a long-awaited birth — only highlights the aching they live every day. To all those couples reading this: we see you. Advice is probably not…

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