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NFP Uncensored: Single and charting

NFP Uncensored is a series of candid accounts of the way NFP informs every aspect of life. You can follow the posts by searching for “NFP Uncensored” here in the Living the Love blog (use the search bar on the right-hand side of this page), or by searching #NFPUncensored on social media. I was three years into…

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9 tips for improving intimacy in your marriage

From the Family Foundations archives **** Whether it’s years of marriage or distractions from the kids, couples often report fading spousal intimacy over time. The longer they’re married, it seems, the less connected they feel. Here are 9 time-tested tips that may not seem romantic, but ultimately encourage the kind of TLC that allows authentic intimacy to…

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Awkward much?

When you first learned a thing or two about NFP did the word “mucus” make you feel uncomfortable? Did the thought of learning the intimate intricacies of human reproduction in a room with other people make you want to find an NFP DIY book on Amazon ASAP? You’re not alone. CCL recently welcomed new teaching…

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