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Seeking reports of negative birth control experiences

Calling all former birth control users! The Catholic Medical Association (CMA) has filed a Citizen’s petition to encourage the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) to require more transparent labeling of the risks associated with various forms of birth control on their packaging. They’ve got all the studies, all the arguments and all the proof lined up,…

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What you don’t know can kill you

March is Blood Clot Awareness Month, an opportunity for valuable information about the risky condition to get into the hands of those who need it most. So how much have you heard about it in the media? More important, how many teenage girls and young women do you think are hearing about the dangers of…

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Birth control and blood clots

As an organization that teaches natural family planning, we always try to inform women — Catholic and non-Catholic alike — of the truly harmful and risky effects that birth control has on the body. One such risk is blood clots. Women are often ill-informed on the potential danger of deadly circumstances such as stroke, heart attack…

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