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We need to get smarter about promoting NFP!

If there’s one thing the ongoing controversy over contraceptive coverage can teach us, it is this: we have to be smarter about the way we advocate for NFP over contraception. In recent weeks, we’ve heard the argument that because Catholics use birth control just as much as everyone else (although that is an exaggerated claim),…

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Planning to live on one income

From the January/February 2012 issue of Family Foundations magazine: by Kathleen M. Basi No matter how career oriented you are, the desire to stay home can sneak up on you after the birth of a child. But unless you’ve planned for it, you may not have the option. For nine months before Lisa and John…

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Infertility Speaks: 4 women reflect on the journey to parenthood

Note: The following couples were interviewed for or contributed to our feature stories on infertility in the March-April 2011 issue of Family Foundations magazine. ** Mrs. Mike is a Catholic blogger and NFP user who has two adopted children, Mrs. Mike reflects on infertility at When we were married, we received the gift of…

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